5 things you want to consider when storing your wine at home

If you’ve ever bought one of Outpour’s bespoke wine boxes, you might’ve asked yourself where to store the bottles you’re saving for later.

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5 things you want to consider when storing your wine at home

If you bought it as a wine gift, someone else most likely posed themselves the same question.

Most articles touching on this subject suggest expensive wine coolers or wine cellars - don’t worry, most of us don’t have that.

Although a wine cooler certainly makes things easier, here are a few household tips that help preserve flavour and prolong the lifespan of your bottles:

1. Avoid direct sunlight

Direct sunlight can accelerate the ageing process and spoil your wine.

2. Store them in a dry, dark place

The key here is to avoid humidity which will speed up the fermentation process. A kitchen drawer could be a good place, at least if you don’t use that drawer too often (see below).

3. Avoid touching or rocking the bottles until you want to consume them

Vibrations can speed up the chemical process that spoils your wine. So resist the urge to look at the bottles before hosting your dinner party.

4. Avoid putting your wine in the refrigerator or next to smelly things (corked bottles only)

Wine breathes through the cork (protect that little baby). Any odours in the air will be absorbed and might affect the taste of your wine.

5. Keep your bottles stored sideways (corked bottles only)

Keeping the bottles sideways will keep the cork moist. A dried-up cork will create pathways that allow seepage. Seepage is when wine leeks through the cork and exits the bottle, spoiling the wine.

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